NCF Draft 2023 Latest Changes

The draft National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023 is a document that proposes changes in the design of subjects, exams, curriculum content and more for the Indian school system. It is based on the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and aims to make education more holistic, flexible and learner-centric. Some of the proposed changes are:

  • Students will have to study 16 courses in classes IX and X, categorized under eight curricular areas.
  • Students will have more options to choose their subjects in classes XI and XII, and can design their own courses.
  • Board exams will be conducted twice a year in a modular format, with each exam covering half the syllabus.
  • History, Geography and Political Science will be integrated into one subject called Social Sciences from class VI to VIII.

For grade 11 and 12, the draft NCF 2023 suggests that students should have the freedom to choose any combination of subjects from the eight curricular areas, without any restriction of streams or groups.

The subjects will be offered at three levels of difficulty: basic, standard and advanced.

Students can also design their own courses with the help of teachers and mentors, based on their interests and aspirations.

The courses will be assessed through project work, portfolios, presentations and exams.

You Can Read the Entire Document of NCF Draft 2023 here:

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NCF Draft 2023

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